January 15, 2009

Pieces of Sexy Myint Myat (2)

Actor - Myint Myat


male model said...
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male model said...

photo new tin par ohm

JLN said...

Hey?? I just know you couples minutes ago.coz of your Burmese movie that my friends watching. You are a really cutie pie..huh?? People call me as Cutie Pie..i never thought that i am..Its that you..Why you let me fell down in your first time sight??? huh?/i just wanna know your mail adress.you will think i'm one of your fan..huh??? actually i'm not.. I'm from United State of Chicago.Even i'm so busy..i just stop my stepping coz of your lovely sight..:).i hope i can be a friend of yours. Coz i saw your shoot movies with my causin!!!! Please i let you know that you are a really Cutie Pie..

Myanmar A Hla said...

'Maung',Myint Myat:

My 'Thae Lay', Ba Lo Thay Lae? My Love & Kisses, Htaweya, Myint Myat Yee [MMY] MyanmarAHla@gmail.com

Myanmar A Hla said...

Mingalaba, Maung, Myint Myat,

I have watched your movie, Dan Ya Ya Late Pya, with Soe Myat Thuzar, Tinzar Moe Lwin and Khin Lay Nwe.

THANKS for an Excellent movie!

Story of The Movie: Ko Ye Win and Sayama Tin Moe Lwin agree to support Kyaw Soe and May Myat Moh, as a MARRIED Couple, with one daughter. Ko Ye Win loves and wants to marry Sayama Tin Moe Lwin. However, she chooses to retire in Mandalay.

Happy Mothers’ Day and Myanmar Kason Festivals.

Myint Myat Yee [MMY]
God’s Glory
P O Box 4416, Baltimore, Md. 21223-0416, USA.

Email Address: MyanmarAHla@gmail.com

Phone: (443) 531 2115

URL: http://MyanmarAHla.cbox.ws http://MyintMyat75@hi5.com eCards)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ko Myint Myat...
I reckon your acting is very cool, however I assume you like to live very privately as your information is very difficult to discover. I don't really watch Burmese movies, but I choose to watch yours as I find your acting is very sincere and lively.. I'm just a fan, hopefully if you do read these comments, I'd appreciate you emailing me just to know you saw my msg.


Hla Thiri Zin said...

I wish you every success with your acting ko myint myat, you are the best, never change. I love how you are so good at changing character for various characters in all movies you are in. I admire that so much. I know you will never read this, but just to let other readers who don't know about u aware of just how great you are even as a young,inspiring and rising artist just as yourself. I know you are achieving much success already so i will pray for u more that you become a well-known amazing legend in the history of myanmar :D. I know I'm going overboard. I hope that i have a chance if i come to myanmar for visit in the near future soon that you will give the time when u are free to talk to a common burmese girl like me :(, just hope :) atleast an autograph but either way, good luck and chay suu tin bar dae alot if u do read this.

hope u understand my bad burmese-english lol.

take care,
love a forever supporting burmese female fan from London. ^.^

Mz said...

I called his handphone a year ago but seems that time jaman controls everything so that I've been scolded by jaman picking up Myint Myat phone .. I heard is he has wife who's the main controlling Myint Myat using jaman name .. Don't know what's true .. Anyway he's break up with mahorgNy so that his life becomes free now .. Happy for him n luv this actor always ... :)

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