January 30, 2009

Hein Wai Yan


Zinmar said...

Oh, My God. Wai Yan, you are my favourite ever! I Love everything about you. Sometime, I can't sleep just thinking about you. I can see you in everywhere. I just LOVE you Wai Yan!

Zinmar said...

Sorry, to ask you but, do you have girlfriend? Please, Say "NO". Please, reply me.

happygirl said...

i love you so much hein wai yan.

Hay said...

Mr.Yan,Hein Wai
Ps,let's me tell about u! Mostly,I watch all of yr movies & I saw many different kinds of yr action.Actually, I don't like everything about u especially yr action but I like the person who support u in the movie such as editors & directors. They pull u up pretty well so yr drama is not bad,eh? Eventhough, u're not my favorite one, I used to watch yr movies so T'm also yr fan. May I give u some advice? I think u're over post and yr fashion & style don't fix on u. You should work on it.Oh,Oh... I get the gist u better change new style.
Before u act,u need to practice some more to improve yr acting skills and get more experience. Don't forget about it! Got it!!!!
I hope u don't mind on me, I'm just let u know what's lacking on u. That's all I wanna tell u.

# Hint... Do not retort back to me,I don't really need yr reply.


Anonymous said...

i want to know your phone number please. do someone know

Anonymous said...

i like you hair and your eyes

Mee lay said...

hello hein wai yan, do u have facebook acct??

Anonymous said...

I don't like u...Sorry!u look like a gay...I would like to suggest that pls do act properly...!!!

nuchinpar said...

im staring to like this guy as well..
his the most popularest innnnnn myan...rite..oh no...naytoe is stilll>>>i don't like him more than maa naytoe>>

Anonymous said...

Dude. I watched some of your movies that always portray yourself as someone that everyone must lookup somehow..
I think you are over acting and non-realistic in nature. Are you really a actor who does acting all round and be compact able with real-life . For instance, Kyaw Hein, Dwe , Lwin Moe etc.
If you keep acting like this , you are losing your fans and slowly off the shows.Hope you appreciate the public who spent money to support you..

Yi Mon said...


ဟိန္းေ၀ယံ ေမာင္ေလးမွာလိုအပ္ခ်က္ေတြရွိေနတယ္ ဆိုရင္ေတာင္ အသက္အရြယ္အရ အရမ္းတည္ၿငိမ္ၿပီး ေတာ္ပါတယ္ အရမ္းႀကိဳက္ပါတယ္

Anonymous said...


i like to watch your moive ..

nice i'am gonna die..

you make me crazy ..

sweetie love ya..

i want to live with u.

hlaing hlaing said...

hello ကိုhein wai yan.. ေနေကာင္းလာ? ေက်းမားေရဂရုစိုက္ပါေနာ္..hein wai yan movies ကို လွိုင္ carzy ပဲ..
funny Movies ကိုမ်ားမ်ားရိုက္ေနာ္ .. ကိုဟိန္းေ၀ယံ ရယ္ခ်စ္စရာေလးပဲေနာ္

nice said...

hi! ko wai yan you is so so so cute
you are my the best movies wai yan.
do you have gmail acc..my gmail acc is
moezinthat @ gmail.com and
i love you so much.you make me crazy..
i watch your movies i so so happy..
i miss you so much ko wai yan.
why? you not open gmail acc..
i want your gmail acc..ko wai yan
i love u..<3<3<3

Ju said...

Dear hein wai yan

My name is Julia lee, 18, girl. You are one of the famous person in Myanmar and a lot of people like you especially for the girl but in my opinion you are suck why i think like this to u is because u are so proactive i do not like ur acting i really disappointed to ur producer. u r useless rubbish (sonaigomi)

that all for my point of view and i hope u can change from our comment and do ur best

Anonymous said...

ur jealous. if u hate him so much why do u waste ur time to leave comment? he's trying his best. i mean who isn't. just mind ur own business and stop judging others. u can't be him and GROW UP.

Anonymous said...

Soe Pyay Tha Zin and Hein Wai Yan look good together especially in "Hmone Nant Thar". Please make more films with her. I love Soe Pyay Tha Zin 'cause she's soooo cute. She is prettier and mature than when she was younger.

Ju said...

do u like him and how much do u like and do u know him personally why u angry hmm comment to him is because i want him to be the best

a person should have someone comment other while they will not improve and they will also do not know what should he have to change for the people are more interest to him !ok if u like him u must point out his bad thing and change do good thing ok

stupid (paka inoshishi)

Anonymous said...

U INSULTED, AND UR COMMENT WAS RUDE. u could've suggested something instead of saying things like " you are suck", and other stuffs. im living in reality life and not day dreaming about an actor from far away. I live in US. i have better things to do than arguing about this nonsense. ok, im out of conversation, and not getting back at u so stay out of my life, and stop replying.

nankartai said...

hi,hein wai yan
how a u doing today?
a u have oovoo? can i know u phone number?can i know u email"ok" this is my email address nankartai91@gmail.com
than u!
miss u anytime! i to watch u movie. ko wai yan u so cute for me!

Lilly lian cing{miriam} said...

I LoVe YoU koko Hein Wai Yan with ALL my HeArT!!! Also,i really love to watch your movies.... You are sooooooooooooo cute!! LOVE YOU BIG BIG muahh muahh xoxoxoxo hehe

Anonymous said...

မဂၤလာပါ ကုိေဝယံ......i know u will never come to read that letter the one we commet to u.but i would like to say that ur really good actor and u act like nicely and marveously and i hope u will be the most actor in the whole world............All The Best..ကုိေဝယံ.................Hoping for u far away from@!....................

wine aung said...

I like your fashion

wine aung said...

i like your fashion

wine aung said...

i like your fashion